ISTD Student Awards 2017
Awarded a Membership to ISTD in the 2017 Student Assessment.
This project was a brief set by ISTD for their 
student assessment awards 2017. The brief I 
chose was called fickle fads and dedicated 
followers of fashion. The project was to research 
the idea of a fad and interpret it in anyway 
possible. From the thoughtful to the ridiculous. 
I decided to research into the idea of a fad by 
looking at the history and fads that have been 
in the past.
After researching into fads and possible directions
to go in I found that many fads had been use over 
and over again. I thought I would look deeper and 
find a fad in something that usually is not seen as 
a fad. I found something that would be perfect to 
base my project around. The political fad was 
something no one had looked into before. I started 
looking at the pattern in right wing politics and how 
2016 was being dubbed a respeat of the rise of the 
nazi party. After looking at the political fad my final
peice was a self bound book which took the reader 
from 1936 to the political landscape of 2016.